Jared is Winter Twilight's lead screenwriter,
director, and picture editor.  He is a graduate
of the film program at NYU's
Tisch School of
the Arts
and the screenwriting program at
Hollins University.

In addition, he likes chai tea and road trips.  
His favorite films include The Shawshank
Redemption, American Beauty, Life is Beautiful,
Big Fish, As Good as it Gets, and The Lord of
the Rings Series.

Jared provides screenplay coverage. Details,
testimonials, and a sample can be found

Here's his personal website.
Jared M. Gordon
Miriam Olken
A Star Wars fan and underground nerd all her life,
Miriam is a big movie buff and will see any type of
genre and is a sucker for animated films from

She has worked for various companies in Boston as
an office contractor for years, and volunteers at
film festivals and other events when she can. While
she likes Hollywood movies, she loves many
independent films that have been made over the
last few years and hopes to learn more about the
film industry in general and gain more skills behind
the scenes and in production.

She is currently helping out on a few projects and
has very recently started writing movie reviews for
BRIO Studio and Shaded Areas.
Katie specializes in people. From communications
and networking to marketing and writing, she is
involved in a variety of projects that involve
promoting, organizing, and connecting. Currently
employed in Human Resources, she is also a
freelance contractor writing for the travel industry.
She has been a writer for as long as she can
remember and her work includes paid contracts,
Yelp reviews, and blogging about her life.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys knitting, yoga, and
perfecting her karaoke performances. Her favorite
films include Back to the Future, The Hangover, Up,
Donnie Darko, Forrest Gump, and Breakfast at
Katie Sherburne
Loren is a graphic artist and animator with more than
0 years of experience in multimedia and print design,
illustration, and animation.

The lead artist in thousands of digital and print projects
- from software interface and game design to
four-color catalog production to highly detailed digital
photo retouching, Loren is known for her versatile
style and attention to detail.  In 2002, she illustrated
Staying Abreast: Rehabilitation Exercises for Breast

Loren is the owner of three sassy puppies and likes to
consider herself an aspiring gourmet.
Loren E. Mack